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Entering the Space

Access to the space is limited to those employees listed in the FUA.  Each of the listed employees will be considered an affiliate of the University and must be granted specific access by the KickStart team. If an employee has a previous relationship with the University either as an employee, contractor or student, that employee is already in the UNC system and KickStart should be notified as such.

The following will be coordinated/arranged through KickStart.  Company personnel should meet with the KickStart team during the first week of occupancy to discuss administrative procedures and expectations:

  1. Parking passes (there may be an associated cost)
  2. Keys/access cards, including for after-hours access
  3. UNC One cards, if applicable
  4. IT needs (see IT exhibit in FUA for allowed uses)

Using the Space

  1. The Accelerator includes conference room meeting space which is available to all Accelerator occupants. Reservations may be required prior to using this space.
  2. Report maintenance issues within the Accelerator to the KickStart team so a work request can be submitted.

Paying for the Space

  1. Rates for occupying space are based on the Property Office’s determination of market value. Rates will increase each year.
  2. All payments should be made as specified in the FUA. If a company wishes to pay with a different frequency, please discuss this with the KickStart team.
  3. KickStart will invoice companies on a monthly basis.
  4. Companies making payments electronically should coordinate with the KickStart team for University payment details. Companies who wish to pay by check must contact the KickStart team for processing details.

Leaving the Space

Upon expiration or termination of the FUA, the company must vacate the KickStart Accelerator. The company remains liable for the license fee and any damage to the Accelerator if the items listed below are not completed, as the FUA contract has not been extinguished.

  1. Notify KickStart Venture Services and the UNC Property Office of anticipated date for vacating space.
  2. If terminating the FUA early, please read the FUA’s “termination” section for your required number of days to provide written notice.
  3. Return parking passes, keys and access cards to KickStart Venture Services.
  4. Remove all company-owned equipment, chemicals and materials brought into the space.
  5. Complete Lab Closeout Checklist and submit to EHS.
  6. Return the space to its original condition prior to occupying.

If extenuating circumstances arise and the company requests to hold over in the space past the expiration date, please contact the Property Office with as much notice as possible. Note that companies will be required to pay a prorated amount of rent for all holdover periods.