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Length of Term – Maximum of 3 Years

FUAs are intended to be a temporary bridge to assist early stage companies in developing a product with UNC-Chapel Hill licensed IP or otherwise in partnership with UNC-Chapel Hill.  FUAs are not a long-term real estate strategy, and it is UNC-Chapel Hill’s practice to limit the length of term for a given company to a maximum of three (3) years.  The three-year limitation applies to companies whether the term is contiguous (three years in a row) or non-contiguous (three years spread out over a longer period of time) or for space in different schools within the University.  As a company nears the end of the three-year term, they will need to find alternative arrangements at an off-campus location.

Renewing the FUA or Changing the Space/FUA Terms

Notify the Property Office in advance for the following:

  1. Renewals: If the FUA includes a renewal option, the licensee must request renewal at least two (2) months in advance of FUA expiration, or as specified in the FUA. Renewals are not automatic and require the following before the renewal is issued. If the following is not completed, the renewal will not be granted:
    1. Current Certificate of Insurance provided to Property Office.
    2. KickStart Venture Services must approve (Property Office will confirm) the renewal.
    3. All payments must be current (Property Office will confirm).
    4. Lab safety plan approved by UNC Environment, Health and Safety each year.
  2. Amendments: Amendments to the FUA are necessary in the event any of the following changes:
    1. Personnel listed on FUA exhibit.
    2. The location or amount of space, including use of shared space such as a meeting room.
    3. Change in the company’s scope of work or chemicals used.
    4. Changes in equipment used.
    5. Extension of FUA term, if no renewal options are included.
    6. Any other changes to the FUA terms.

General Terms for a License to Use UNC Space

  1. UNC provides basic phone and wired/wireless access to the UNC-CH network. This support includes only basic connectivity support and does not include desktop, server storage, or server management support.
  2. UNC will provide standard janitorial services, laboratory waste management if applicable, and maintain the facilities in normal operating order. Any above standard services necessary must be discussed and arranged in advance.
  3. Use of certain materials may require that Company employees complete UNC training programs.
  4. Company is responsible for company equipment, maintenance, and liability insurance.
  5. Animal and/or human studies are prohibited in space licensed from UNC. Companies may be able to sponsor these activities in the laboratory of a UNC researcher through a research agreement.
  6. The Company is required to have all applicable federal (e.g. CDC, USDA/APHIS, NIH) and state permits and approvals in place for research involving biological organisms or genetically modified organisms before initiating any research involving these on UNC-CH premises, or before transfer of such organisms onto UNC-CH premises.
  7. Any research involving genetically modified animals, plants or organisms subject to the NIH Guidelines for Research Involving Recombinant or Synthetic Nucleic Acid Molecules must comply with all guidelines on containment, waste disposal and destruction regardless of whether company receives NIH funding or not. Note: if IBC approval of recombinant DNA research is required (e.g. Company with STTR or SBIR grant) or desired by the Company, the Company must request UNC IBC approval as part of their lab safety plan.
  8. The Company or its employees will not have access to UNC libraries beyond that of a regular citizen of the State of North Carolina.