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Application for Facility Use Agreement (FUA) Guidelines

To help companies grow their ideas into fully commercialized products, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has created a wetlab space operated by KickStart Venture Services: the KickStart Accelerator. To both protect University and Company intellectual property and keep academic research programs independent from Company operations, we are guided on housing FUAs only within the KickStart Accelerator. Administration of FUAs is guided by the UNC KickStart Venture Services team, which includes routing of payments.

Any request made by a Company to operate outside of this space will require a written justification and the application will require additional approval from the FUA committee. Requests for Equipment Use Agreements (EUAs) must be accompanied by occupation of a cubicle within the Accelerator, which grants companies access to co-working conference space and other shared resources and activities. Note that requests to operate outside of the Accelerator this will extend the FUA application review period. Requests for the Company to operate on UNC premises external to the KickStart Accelerator solely for convenience will not be considered.

Please contact KickStart Venture Services directly for questions regarding the KickStart Accelerator. You can receive guidance on meeting all FUA application requirements from KickStart’s Operations and Program Manager, Judy Prasad. Accelerator applications will receive expedited review when submitted with a complete information package. To ensure your application is complete, please be sure to engage with Kickstart Venture Services before your application submission.

To maintain and secure your space at UNC, it is important for all company personnel to abide by the University’s rules and the guidelines specific to FUAs once approved.

KickStart Accelerator Floorplan