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Apply for a Facility Use Agreement (FUA) to Encourage Small Business Development

To help companies grow their ideas into fully commercialized products, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill created a wetlab space operated by KickStart Venture Services: the KickStart Accelerator. The KickStart Accelerator is designed to encourage the growth of small businesses seeking to commercialize University intellectual property. All companies seeking to locate in the KickStart Accelerator must complete an application prior to entering into an agreement to use our facilities, also known as a Facility Use Agreement or FUA. The KickStart Accelerator also serves to both protect University and Company intellectual property and keep academic research programs independent from Company operations. Administration of FUAs is led by the UNC KickStart Venture Services team, which includes routing of payments.

Please contact KickStart Venture Services directly for questions regarding the KickStart Accelerator. Accelerator applications will receive expedited review when submitted with a complete information package. To ensure your application is complete, please be sure to engage with Kickstart Venture Services before your application submission.