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The Real Estate Operations office is responsible for the leasing of off-campus properties to meet departmental space needs, such as office and storage space, that cannot be met in existing campus space, preparing specifications for space needs, securing necessary approvals and performing all related tasks associated with the occupancy of off-campus space.

Off-Campus Departmental Leases

The Real Estate Operations office will provide the required forms, information and assistance to acquire off-campus space. Please contact Leasing Manager Loci Zsuppan at 919-962-9062 for more information.

The procedure for leasing off-campus space is as follows:

  • On-campus space must not be available. Your department must go through the University’s Space Use committee prior to seeking off-campus space.
  • Prior to official submission of a lease request, we suggest an informal discussion with the Real Estate Operations Leasing Manager. This is to set expectations of what prices and locations are realistic. The meeting is encouraged to be held months prior to the space being needed.
  • The Lease Request Form must be completed and submitted to the Property Office with an organizational chart that includes titles, FTEs, and salary grades.

Leased Space Expectations

  1. The department will need to arrange for packing and moving. This is to include departure of space when lease ends. Real Estate Operations can help with vendors that have been used in the past, but it is the sole responsibility of the department to arrange and pay for this.
  2. Coordinate with University Mail Services to ensure access to space for mail delivery and inform them of location change.
  3. Instead of putting work orders into the UNC system, your maintenance requests will need to go through the landlord or landlord’s representative.
  4. Office cleanouts must be paid by the department. If you have an employee move out during tenancy of lease space, the Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling will not provide bins for cleanout. The department needs to coordinate with leased space janitorial for cost and timeline.
  5. Depending on the type of lease to which a department agrees, there may be additional monthly charges to consider, including but not limited to utilities, Internet, janitorial, pest control, recycling, or parking. Work with our Leasing Manager for rates and expectations.
  6. UNC One Card readers are not always allowed; not all landlords allow for readers to be installed. If your landlord allows for the installation of readers, installation and monthly operations fees must be paid from your department’s budget.
  7. Insurance of space: if your department has items that need to have additional insurance coverage, please contact Risk Management Services for prices.

Lease Thresholds

Different State of North Carolina mandate approvals must be obtained depending on the value of the leased space. Departments need to work with the Leasing Manager on expected timelines for approvals and lease values approvals.